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River Rafting
White Water River Rafting | Cliff Jumping | Body Surfing

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9 kms - 800/- per person (from Brahampuri)
16 kms - 1500/- per person (from Shivpuri)
26 kms - 2500/- per person (from Marine Drive)
35 kms - 3500/- per person (from Kaudiyala)

Cost Includes

Use of high class equipment and the services of trained guides for outdoor activities.
Experienced river guides with International Certifications for White Water Rescue and First Aid/CPR.
River running permits.
Transportation from Office to Rafting Point.
Cliff Jumping
Body Surfing

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Ganga Rafting Rapids

  • Black Money (Grade I)
  • Sweet Sixteen (Grade I)
  • Good Morning (Grade I)
  • Body Surfing (Grade I)
  • Club House (Grade II)
  • Initiation (Grade II)
  • Double Trouble (Grade II)
  • Hilton (Grade II)
  • Terminator (Grade II)
  • Shivpuri Rapid (Grade II+)
  • Three Blind Mice (Grade III)
  • Cross Fire (Grade III)
  • Roller coaster (Grade III)
  • Golf Course (Grade III)
  • Return to Sender (Grade III)
  • Daniel’s Dip (Grade III+)
  • The Great Wall (Grade IV)